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Big Topics For Quiet August: Give Us Your Ideas!

Posted by Colin Clark on

colinsaolpicDear Reader, with Congress close to irrelevant (and out of town anyway), the Defense Department bracing for the coming end of the world (slight exaggeration) and so many of DC’s denizens out of town and recharging for the September onslaught, this August probably will be particularly quiet.

So we are experimenting with that terribly au courant idea: crowd sourcing. Got a story that requires some digging or to which no one is paying attention and really should? Go to the Send A Tip button on the upper right hand of our web page and tell us about it.

We’ve got AUVSI next week so don’t bother sending UAV tech tips, but the entire rest of the Defense Department and Intelligence Community are ripe for scrutiny. Thank you. The Editor.

What do you think?