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Dear Readers: What Should Trump Do With US Military?

Posted by Colin Clark on

Colin Clark, editor of Breaking Defense.

Colin Clark, editor of Breaking Defense.

We haven’t done this much here at Breaking Defense, but when I ran DoDBuzz we used to sometimes take cogent and insightful readers comments and build them into a story.

Here’s your chance to tell the new administration the smart things it could do with America’s military over the next four years. You can either leave a comment below this story or email me using the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

Let me suggest a few areas for you to address.

That should get everyone started. I’ll look at the comments over the weekend and, hopefully, have enough cogent and insightful comments to build into a Memo For The Trump Administration from you, our readers. If you would like your name appended to your comment, please me know. I’ll require an email from you so I can be sure with whom I’m dealing.

Thank you all. God bless our country.





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