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F-35 Costs Dip A Tiny Bit; SAR Says Program Costs Down $4.5 Billion

Posted by Colin Clark on

f-35b-testingUPDATED: SAR Report Added

WASHINGTON: The official costs of the F-35 program have shrunk, not much, but they are down for the first time.

The Pentagon’s authoritative Selected Acquisition Report says the program is projected to be $4.5 billion less expensive than its last estimate. That’s 1 percent of the program.

F-35 December 2012 SAR

We are trying to get more information. Here’s what the plane’s maker, Lockheed Martin, issued this statement. Not surprisingly, they say they are “pleased” and promise to work with the government to lower them further. Here it is:

“Lockheed Martin is pleased with the $4.5 billion reduction in acquisition, operating and support costs reflected in the 2012 Selected Acquisition Report (SAR 12). This is the first year a cost reduction was noted. We will work with the F-35 Joint Program Office to implement further cost saving measures, which will result in additional significant decreases to the total program cost. The top priority of the government/contractor team is to continue to cost-effectively deliver the F-35s unprecedented 5th generation capabilities to the warfighter.”




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