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Raytheon’s Latest Counter Drone Tech: Programmable Laser

Posted by Colin Clark on

PARIS AIR SHOW: Somewhere in the Middle East Iranian drones are probing the perimeters of US forward bases. It’s imperative they be destroyed before they can gather intelligence or disrupt flight operations.

Raytheon has extensively tested a counter drone laser, successfully shooting down 50-odd drones up to the size of the Chinese-built quadcopters, using a 10kW High Energy Laser mounted on a Polaris MRZR so the system can be used in austere environments such as forward air bases. It can be programed with a specific set of rules of engagements to limit collateral damage and help ensure flight safety.

But the video below really tells the story, so watch it.

Thanks to Raytheon’s Evan Hunt and Dana Carroll for their patience and persistence in setting this up and helping to get it done.

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