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Sky News Arabia Interviews AOL D On Chinese Hacking

Posted by Colin Clark on

OK — before anyone gets grumpy because they can’t understand the Arabic, this is just a bit of shameless promotion on a Friday about a skein of very serious subjects — hacking, cyber espionage and cyber warfare.

Sky News Arabia interviewed me recently after reading my piece on how China recruits hackers to cast the broadest net in its cyber espionage efforts. Basically, I sketched out the extent of cyber theft of intellectual property, using Gen. Alexander’s figure of $1 trillion over the last five years at a rate of roughly $300 billion each year. Most of that is done by the Chinese, with the Russians, Israelis and others trailing far behind.

Then I told them how a number of US cyber experts believe we need to build, effectively, a new, more secure and easier to authenticate Internet, something the Pentagon is sort of doing. If you want to know more, you’ll have to get a translator…

Yes, those are my books on the shelves. And I’ve read most of them!

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