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Exclusive — Rethinking Intel In The Age of Trump: DNI Coats & PDDNI Gordon

Posted by James Kitfield on

The great challenge for intelligence agencies in the age of Trump was dramatically highlighted this month when a senior South Korean delegation arrived at the White House carrying a secret bombshell message. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un wanted a face-to-face summit with President Donald Trump to discuss Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program. Waiting to debrief… Keep reading →

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911: Do We Need A Director of National Intelligence?

Posted by Bob Butterworth on

One of the major shifts in American intelligence after the terror attacks of 911 was the creation of the Director of National Intelligence and a whole new agency to serve him in his task of ensuring America’s 17 intelligence agencies (including the DNI) played well together, effectively shared information and didn’t waste too much in… Keep reading →

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Rep. Nunes Knocks DNI ‘Bureaucracy’; Schiff Calls On Obama To ID Russia For DNC Hack

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: The persistent grumbles from the CIA and other bastions of the Intelligence Community that the Director of National Intelligence is just an unneeded layer of bureaucracy has caught the ear of House Intelligence chairman Rep. Devin Nunes. He promised to try and pass legislation to change this but admitted it would be “tough” to get… Keep reading →

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