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Adm. William Lescher

OMB ‘Supports’ Extra LCS, But Where’s The Money?

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

UPDATE: Source Says WH Will Fund LCS Add; CRS Naval Expert Comments  CAPITOL HILL: In a startling turnabout, the Trump Administration now “supports” adding a $541 million Littoral Combat Ship to yesterday’s 2018 budget request, Navy officials told Congress this afternoon. What, exactly, does that mean? The Navy doesn’t know. Minutes before Navy witnesses were to testify… Keep reading →

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Navy Challenges Hill on Carriers, UCLASS, & Cruisers In 2017 Budget

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

PENTAGON: Of the four armed services’ budget plans for 2017, the one most likely to make Congress apoplectic is the Navy’s. On top of reintroducing a cruiser modernization plan repeatedly rejected by the Hill, the Navy proposes deactivating a carrier air wing — which tangles with the touchy issue of how many carriers the US… Keep reading →

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Navy Faces Budget Shortfall Even If Sequester Goes Away

Posted by Otto Kreisher on

Even if Congress somehow rolls back sequestration, the Navy’s fiscal situation will be uncomfortably tight, like trying to steer a battleship through the Panama Canal. Under the president’s five-year budget plan — which assumes sequester away — the “real buying power” for the Navy and the Marine Corps declines after fiscal year 2016, the Navy… Keep reading →

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