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Israel Chafes As US Reported To Block David’s Sling Export Bid

Posted by Arie Egozi on

The Swiss want a new anti-missile defense system and asked for bids. We’re hearing the US leaned on Israel so Rafael did not submit a bid. Israel, as this story makes clear, really does want to bid.

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Hack, Jam, Sense & Shoot: Army Creates 1st Multi-Domain Unit

Posted by Colin Clark on

Army photo

A new Army unit will hack and jam enemy networks and provide targeting data for both long-range missiles and missile defense.

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One Missile, Many Missions: Raytheon’s Standard Missile-6 [Sponsored]

Posted by Raytheon on

When it comes to Raytheon’s Standard Missile-6, there really is no comparison. It was most recently described by the Missile Defense Agency as the “Swiss-Army knife of missiles,” boasting three missions within one effector. That means a great deal to Navy commanders who have limited space onboard their ships and can wield anti-air warfare, ballistic… Keep reading →

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President Trump, Do NOT Cut The Defense Budget: Inhofe & Thornberry

Posted by Colin Clark on

Republicans Sen. James Inhofe and Rep. Mac Thornberry say to the White House and to the congressional budget hawks: Yes, budget deficits matter, but defense matters more — because of the degradation in readiness and lack of modernization the armed forces have suffered for more than a decade.

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Trump Administration Warns Friends Against Russia Arms Deals

Posted by Paul McLeary on

As some Gulf and Asian allies consider big purchases of Russia arms, the Senate is set to uphold a law signed by Trump that would slap sanctions on them for cozying up with Moscow.

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