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Air-Sea Battle

Gen. Holmes Sketches Multi-Domain Warfare; A-10 Wings Funded in ’19

Posted by Colin Clark on

Air Force photo by TSgt Austin May

WASHINGTON: The Air Force and Army couldn’t start an important set of tabletop wargames last week because of the government shutdown. Air Force Gen. Mike Holmes revealed the information when he disclosed today that the Air Force was starting multi-domain war games to hammer out how the land and air services would work together in… Keep reading →

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SASC Pushes Bigger Army Role In Pacific Vs. China

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: The Senate Armed Services Committee has joined the push to give the Army a much larger role in the Pacific. The hard part, ironically, may be getting the Army to go along. Why should soldiers do more in the Pacific, a theater traditionally dominated by pilots, Marines, and, above all, sailors? The Pacific, obviously, is… Keep reading →

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