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al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula

US Flying Blind To Looming Terror Plots

Posted by James Kitfield on

There’s an old trope in intelligence circles that defenders have to be right all the time, while the terrorists only need to get lucky once to execute a successful attack. The knowledge that no one is right all the time makes most counterterrorism experts cautiously pessimistic about the likelihood of another successful terrorist attack on… Keep reading →

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Drone Strikes: ‘Least Horrible’ Choice In Pakistan, Yemen

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: In lawless, inaccessible regions of the world, drone strikes are America’s least-worst option for pursuing terrorists, a panel of experts agreed today — and many of the civilians whose deaths are blamed on US drones were actually killed by local factions on the ground or never existed at all. “They are actually our least… Keep reading →

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