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Military ‘Aggressively Working’ To Ease Drone Sales Abroad

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

LAS VEGAS: As US defense spending ramps down, both the military and the aerospace industry want to sell more drones to friends and allies overseas. Right now, however, export controls and arms control treaties make that awfully hard. “The foreign sales aspect of these RPAs [remotely piloted aircraft] is potentially huge,” Maj. Gen. James Poss,… Keep reading →

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NATO To OK Global Hawks, Announce Interim Missile Defense Capability

Posted by Colin Clark on

NATO HEADQUARTERS: After more than 15 years, NATO will finally grant approval to buy five Global Hawk Block 40s to help plug the gaps in the alliance’s intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance that grew so glaring during the Libya operation. In addition to that important news for the 28 nations that comprise NATO, the alliance will… Keep reading →

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