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Towards More European Defense Integration: Aachen Franco-German Treaty

Posted by Murielle Delaporte on

The Aachen Treaty is the fifth treaty signed in the city where Charlemagne was born and they have all shared a common thread of boosting European peace and integration. The first one, signed in 1668 in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle in French), put an end to the War of Devolution between France and Spain; the second, in 1748,… Keep reading →

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Trump’s Wrecking Ball Ideology

Posted by James Kitfield on

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A year ago, it would have been tempting to write off President Trump’s “bull in a china shop” diplomacy as the product of inexperience and impulsiveness. However, after eighteen months in the White House tenure, Trump is looking like a man with a method, a leader acting according to a consistent ideology — if not… Keep reading →

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Focus On What You Do For NATO, Europe, Not The $$

Posted by Michael Matlaga on

As feared, President Donald Trump came out swinging at the NATO summit. He castigated Germany for being subservient to Russia (guess he forgot about his idea to welcome Russia back to the G-7) and continued his focus on getting Europe to spend more on defense. Given the political environment, we welcome these constructive suggestions for how Europe… Keep reading →

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Trump Rips Germany; NATO Allies Push Quality Over Quantity

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Canada, Germany say they’re doing plenty to provide security and strengthen the alliance without spending two percent of their GDP on defense, pushing back against Trump’s criticisms.

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Trump Tariffs Roil Markets, Complicate New Push For Foreign Military Sales

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Trump tariffs on steel and aluminum have sparked promises of quick and strong responses from America’s allies, are creating concern in the defense industrial base, and have free-trade Republicans worried.

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Uneasy Times In Europe As Continent Mulls Next Fighter

Posted by Douglas Barrie on

If the re-emergence of an assertive and occasionally belligerent Moscow was an unattractive possibility for Europeans of a cautious nature, an American president whose election campaign comments inadvertently or otherwise questioned his commitment to Article 5, the very heart of NATO, seemed unimaginable. Today, Europe is faced with both a Russia that is a strategic rival… Keep reading →

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