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‘SkyNet’ Automated Systems Could Save Lots of Lives

Posted by Colin Clark on

  OLD CROWS CONFERENCE:  People fear drones. People fear “killer robots.” People fear death by push button. People need to put away their fears and remember that computing power, coupled with automation and rules-based decision-making, has saved many lives and is likely to save many more than any runaway robot ever will kill. That was… Keep reading →

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CNO Says Navy Needs Ground Forces’ Help On Cyber, Electronic Warfare

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: Rivalries between the services are a favorite topic in this town, especially when budgets tighten. But when it comes to cyberwarfare, electronic warfare, and the wireless world where they intersect, the Navy’s top man in uniform is more than happy to get help from the Army. Admittedly, Adm. Jonathan Greenert is mostly focused on working with… Keep reading →

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