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JPO Fixing F-35 Oxygen, Carrier Landing, Software Glitches: VADM Winter

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Navy photo

CORRECTED number of hypoxia incidents ARLINGTON: As the F-35 prepares for a massive ramp-up in production, the program is fixing the costly, controversial plane’s last technical glitches, Vice Adm. Mat Winter said in his first press conference since becoming program director. Winter expressed confidence about three problems in particular: air supply for pilots, carrier landings, and… Keep reading →

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Army Loves AH-64D Block III Enough To Call It Echo; Will Taliban Call It The Echo Monster?

Posted by Richard Whittle on

AUSA: The Army has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday to announce that from that day on, the Block III version of Boeing Co.’s AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter will instead be designated the AH-64E. Program officials will make the announcement at this year’s annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army, the… Keep reading →

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