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Adm. Moran Out As Next CNO, So Who’s Next?

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Musical chairs will ensue in the Navy’s top ranks following the surprise resignation of the CNO nominee. Who’s on deck?

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Why Is SPAWAR Now NAVWAR? Networks & Cyber Warfare

Posted by Barry Rosenberg on

Nobody will ever have to wonder again whether SPAWAR is pronounced SPAY-war or SPA-war

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Navy CNO Defends Increased Secrecy in Wake of Chinese Hacking

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Navy photo

The Navy, unlike the other Armed Services, is hiding the names of its officers from the public in fear they could become targets for Chinese hackers.

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Threat Data Biggest Worry For F-35A’s IOC; But It ‘Will Be On Time’

Posted by Colin Clark on

PENTAGON: The F-35‘s highly sensitive sensors suffer a basic problem right now: They often aren’t sure what they are detecting. That results in a high rate of false alarms. The key to fixing this lies in building highly complex data files — what we can colloquially call the threat library — and integrating them with the Joint Strike… Keep reading →

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Russians, Indians Join Largest RIMPAC In Years; Chinese Welcome Too, Says CNO

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

PENTAGON: With a new military strategy emphasizing Asia and alliance-building, the U.S. Pacific Fleet today kicked off its largest international exercise in years, known as “Rim of the Pacific” (RIMPAC). Some 42 ships are representing 22 countries, including India, which the US has been wooing as a counterweight to China, and Russia, once the presumed… Keep reading →

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