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The Network: Where Hybrid War Meets AirSea Battle

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: In the budget wars between the services, “hybrid threats” and “AirSea Battle” have become rallying buzzwords of two opposing camps. On one side, Army leaders talk of hybrid threats, whose blend of guerrilla tactics and high-tech weapons pose the greatest plausible threat on land, now that Soviet-style tank armies are extinct and the nation… Keep reading →

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Military Debates Who Should Pull The Trigger For A Cyber Attack

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA: The American military is intrigued by the offensive uses for cyber-warfare, but it is struggling to figure out how to do it. What impact can cyber weapons have on the battlefield? What organizations should take the lead? And who makes the decision to pull the trigger? “We’ve been thinking 90% defense, 10%… Keep reading →

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White House Details Cyber Conflict

Posted by Kevin G. Coleman on

Over the past two months the President and the U.S. military have been in discussions or negotiations that have resulted in multiple Executive Orders that frame offensive military operations in cyber space. Media outlets are now reporting that President Barack Obama more than a month ago signed executive orders that detail how the military may… Keep reading →

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