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Navy Unveils 355 Ship Fleet Plan — But It’ll All Change

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The Navy thinks it will need at least $40 billion a year to maintain its new fleet — but admits that they haven’t actually added it all up yet.

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Military Force Structure: Trade-Offs, Trade-Offs, Trade-Offs

Posted by Mark Cancian on

Mark Cancian, a member of the Breaking Defense Board of Contributors, knows budgets. He used to help build the defense budget at the Office of Management and Budget, the largely unheralded center of federal fiscal power. So when he picks apart the budget deal Congress recently approved (or any other one) you should pay attention. He’s doing… Keep reading →

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Raytheon Wins MDA Gallium Nitride Radar Deal: Companies Shift To GaN

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

ARLINGTON: Two recent contracts make clear the military radar industry is shifting to a new gold standard, a once-obscure material called Gallium Nitride. GaN, a high-efficiency semiconductor, makes radar transmitters much more powerful without using more electricity. Industry consultant Loren Thompson once told us it was “the biggest thing since silicon.” Just in time for… Keep reading →

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Pentagon Fails To Act On Crucial Rare Earth Minerals

Posted by Richard Whittle on

A new Government Accountability Office report scolds the Department of Defense for failing to figure out which rare earth elements are critical to national security — China controls the world market — and for not developing plans to make sure the United States has enough even though Congress passed a law telling them to five years… Keep reading →

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