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Why Mattis Headed East: Time For China Strategy

Posted by Andrew Krepinevich on

Why is newly confirmed Defense Secretary Jim Mattis making his first overseas trip to the Western Pacific to confer with two of America’s key allies, Japan and South Korea? After all, both Mattis and Gen. Joe Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have declared Russia poses the greatest danger to the United States. But… Keep reading →

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NSC Staff Too Big, Too Activist: Top Former Generals, Officials

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: The Senate and House Armed Services committees’ push to review the foundational law underpinning today’s US military, known as Goldwater-Nichols, was given a boost today by a group of top former generals and mostly Democratic Pentagon officials. Their biggest takeaway: the National Security Council is too big and takes activist positions on military operations instead… Keep reading →

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Hoss Cartwright, Former Rep. Harman Join Defense Policy Board

Posted by Colin Clark on

Hoss Cartwright joins Defense Policy Board w/Jane Harman, M. Albright & former CNO. Good advisors for SecDef Panetta 1.usa.gov/oNyRLB colinclarkaol

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