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Defense Secretary Ashton Carter

America Must Decide How To Act After Russian Election Hacks

Posted by John Quigg on

What are we going to do about the Russian hacks that have wrought havoc across the entire political spectrum and are rapidly shifting from being an embarrassment to, possibly, being strategically crippling? The body count of ruined careers aside, sizeable harm is being done to our political process and a likely intelligence loss as foreign actors rummage… Keep reading →

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EUCOM Morphing To Better Deter Russia: SecDef Germany Trip Preview

Posted by Colin Clark on

PENTAGON: In a stark indicator of just how grim the situation between Russia and the United States is growing, senior US defense officials say European Command is shifting its focus from “reassurance to deterrence” and “from a training to a warfighting stance.” Defense Secretary Ash Carter himself is flying across the Atlantic to preside over Tuesday’s… Keep reading →

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Pentagon Fails To Act On Crucial Rare Earth Minerals

Posted by Richard Whittle on

A new Government Accountability Office report scolds the Department of Defense for failing to figure out which rare earth elements are critical to national security — China controls the world market — and for not developing plans to make sure the United States has enough even though Congress passed a law telling them to five years… Keep reading →

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