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Mattis, Visiting Balkans, Sees Russian Meddling and ‘Hybrid’ Threats to Allies

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Russia is threatening the confidence of the young democracies in the Balkan region, where countries have been flocking to NATO and the European Union and leaving Moscow behind.

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America Must Decide How To Act After Russian Election Hacks

Posted by John Quigg on

What are we going to do about the Russian hacks that have wrought havoc across the entire political spectrum and are rapidly shifting from being an embarrassment to, possibly, being strategically crippling? The body count of ruined careers aside, sizeable harm is being done to our political process and a likely intelligence loss as foreign actors rummage… Keep reading →

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Rep. Nunes Knocks DNI ‘Bureaucracy’; Schiff Calls On Obama To ID Russia For DNC Hack

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: The persistent grumbles from the CIA and other bastions of the Intelligence Community that the Director of National Intelligence is just an unneeded layer of bureaucracy has caught the ear of House Intelligence chairman Rep. Devin Nunes. He promised to try and pass legislation to change this but admitted it would be “tough” to get… Keep reading →

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