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‘Limited’ Missile Defense Must Remain So: Philip Coyle

Posted by Philip Coyle on

Some members of Congress are rightfully calling for reform to the U.S. national missile defense program, but the change they suggest – removing the word “limited” from current U.S. policy – will carelessly expand the program and waste billions of dollars. If we’re serious about improving national missile defense, Congress must reform the objectives of the… Keep reading →

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Russia Drives HASC StratForces Markup: Weather Sats, RD-180

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

UPDATED: Lamborn Amendment passes CAPITOL HILL: Concern about the increasingly grumpy Russian bear drives much of this year’s Strategic Forces subcommittee mark-up, from space launch rockets to nuclear warheads. But Rep. Doug Lamborn doesn’t think the draft language does enough about the resurgent threat of Russia or the rising threat of China. So when the subcommittee… Keep reading →

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Fund East Coast Missile Defense Now, Says Former Missile Defense Director

Posted by Colin Clark on

By Trey Obering and Rebeccah Heinrichs Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced in March that the administration would deploy more Ground-based Interceptors or “GBIs” to better defend American cities from North Korean ballistic missiles. He also said it would begin studying sites on the East Coast in the event the administration decided to build a third… Keep reading →

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Panetta To House GOP: Quit Fattening The Defense Budget

Posted by Colin Clark on

PENTAGON: House Republicans will probably be seething after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta scolded them today for adding several billion dollars money to the defense budget. “If we’re prevented from retiring aging ships and aircraft that no longer fit strategic requirements, then Congress would be forcing us to look elsewhere for savings,” Panetta said at a… Keep reading →

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