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For Want Of A Nail: ‘Awful’ Missing Pieces Of NATO

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

NATO photo

WASHINGTON: War time is a bad time to run out of gas. If there was a crisis with Russia today, and a German unit needed to refuel from a US Army pump, they couldn’t do it. Why? The goddamn nozzle doesn’t fit. It’s just one of the host of seemingly minor shortfalls, from pontoon bridges to… Keep reading →

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Iran Nuke Deal: Will US Troops In Region Be At Risk?

Posted by Rebeccah Heinrichs on

Amidst the constant roar of very predictable Republican and Jewish opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, it’s often been difficult to discern intelligent and rational discourse. Rebeccah Heinrichs, who distinguished herself during her time as a Capitol Hill aide as a tough and intelligent partisan who didn’t always abandon the facts, offers this intriguing analysis of the possible effects… Keep reading →

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Pentagon Reacts To Iranian Weapons Threats In Iraq

Posted by Carlo Munoz on

WASHINGTON: While the American war in Iraq may be winding down, things inside the Pentagon are heating up as the department looks to address the increased flow of Iranian weapons finding their way into the hands of anti-U.S. forces. The Pentagon’s top weapons buyer Ashton Carter said today that his office is working a number… Keep reading →

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