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DARPA Picks BAE’s Smart Handheld EW Sensor

Posted by Colin Clark on

BAE Systems has been awarded a DARPA contract that may help address one of the most pressing threats the US Army has identified — Russia’s increasingly impressive and powerful use of Electronic Warfare on the battlefield. The technology for a new handheld tactical sensor that soldiers can easily carry to monitor and analyze the electro-magnetic spectrum… Keep reading →

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Adm. Greenert: Wireless Cyberwar, The EM Spectrum, And The Changing Navy

Posted by Adm. Jonathan Greenert on

Adm. Jonathan Greenert is Chief of Naval Operations, the Navy’s most senior officer. Greenert has emphasized the convergence between traditional electronic warfare — long a strong suit of the Navy — and the new arena of cyberspace. In this op-ed written for Breaking Defense, the admiral argues that “cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum” must be… Keep reading →

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