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New Army Units To Tackle Military Co-Op Missions

Posted by Carlo Munoz on

Washington: The first of up to seven new Army units, created to train and help foreign militaries will be operational by the next fiscal year. The first of these “Regionally Aligned Brigades” will be assigned to Africa Command, but will be stationed in the continental United States, according to British Army Col. Andrew Dennis, attached… Keep reading →

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Crisis Could Rattle ‘Precarious’ Army As It Juggles Manpower

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Washington: The balance between the Army’s resources and its commitments is “precarious” even as the number of soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan declines, because the total size of the Army is going down at the same time. If the demand for troops continues to drop as planned, Army leaders say they should be able… Keep reading →

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Precision Weapons Drive ‘Desperate Need’ to Reshape Land Forces

Posted by Doug Macgregor on

No matter who wins the presidential election in 13 months, massive cuts in defense spending are inevitable. The Service Chiefs are already under pressure to come up with billions of dollars in spending cuts. We have arrived at a critical turning point in the history of the Republic, a point where organizing, planning and spending… Keep reading →

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White House Now Clearly Against Deeper DoD Cuts

Posted by Colin Clark on

Washington: In the last few days one thing has become crystal clear: the Obama administration — from the Pentagon to the Situation Room to OMB — has decided America cannot sustain defense cuts that go beyond the currently planned $450 billion. We knew the Pentagon felt this way ever since a carefully masked “senior Pentagon… Keep reading →

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What New Defense Secretary Panetta Must Do

Posted by Doug Macgregor on

The Pentagon brass, civilian suits, contractors, and lobbyists are jockeying for position in the fight for the status quo in anticipation of Mr. Panetta’s arrival in the Office of Secretary of Defense. Yet, senior leaders do so at their own peril. This is not Leon Panetta’s first Washington rodeo. He has seen this Potomac movie… Keep reading →

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