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The Great Afghan Paradox

Posted by James Kitfield on

By most metrics the war in Afghanistan is going badly.

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Has Turkey Gone Rogue?

Posted by James Kitfield on

When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives in Ankara on Thursday, he will find Turkey unrecognizable as the ostensibly Muslim democracy and close ally that U.S. officials once held up as a model for the Islamic world. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is poised to complete his long transformation of Turkey from a raucous — if imperfect democracy — to an autocracy, one ruled by caprice and fear.

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Showdown With Iran? Maybe Not In 2013

Posted by Michael Adler on

WASHINGTON: Is 2013 the big year for Iran? Many think a decade of confrontation over Iran’s nuclear progress will finally boil down to a stark binary choice of living with an Iranian atomic bomb or having to bomb the Islamic Republic to stop this. Time magazine’s international guru, Fareed Zakaria, claims this is the year… Keep reading →

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