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Is The Arctic The Next South China Sea? Not Likely

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Navy photo

WASHINGTON: Oil, gas, and minerals on the seabed. Disputed territorial claims. An increasingly aggressive China. Are we talking about the South China Sea or the Arctic Ocean? “As I look at what is playing out in the Arctic, it looks eerily familiar to what we’re seeing in the East and South China Sea,” Adm. Paul… Keep reading →

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The Nuclear Bomber: Fighting Conflated Deterrence in the 21st Century

Posted by Mike Benitez on

Our coverage of deterrence and the roles of using weapons for signaling continues to elicit strong and pertinent reactions from readers and practitioners in these days when North Korea, China and Russia so robustly challenge the United States and its allies. As you read on, you’ll see the author of this latest piece is a… Keep reading →

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