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White House Threatens Veto For Senate NDAA; McCain $18B Add Vote Soon

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: Worried by Sen. John McCain’s efforts to slash the general officer corps, abolish Frank Kendall’s job and restrict the size of the National Security Council, the White House today threatened to veto the Senate defense policy bill. Accusing the Senate Armed Services Committee of trying “to micromanage DOD” by taking those and other measures, the… Keep reading →

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McCain Forces Fanning To Step Aside As Acting Army Secretary

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

DoD Photo

[UPDATED with Army comment] WASHINGTON: Under pressure from Sen. John McCain, Acting Army Secretary Eric Fanning will step aside until the Senate confirms his nomination as secretary. The official reason is a 1998 statute about nominees not being allowed to do the job de facto before they’re legally confirmed for it. The real reasons, however, may be Guantanamo… Keep reading →

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Budget Deal Shows Obama Hypocrisy On NDAA Veto

Posted by Justin Johnson on

This week Congress should pass the 2016 defense authorization bill –again. It will be virtually identical to the one that President Obama vetoed just weeks ago.  The only change: a $5 billion reduction in costs so it complies with the budget deal reached last week. But passage of the up-dated authorization is no done deal. If Mr.… Keep reading →

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Bill To End Indefinite Detention Fails In House

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON — A judge may have found unconstitutional the law that allows people to be held indefinitely without trial by the military, but the House of Representatives voted Friday to keep it anyway.

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