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Eurosatory 2018:  Innovating Today to Conquer Tomorrow

Posted by Murielle Delaporte on

EUROSATORY: Like all military shows, Eurosatory – the French equivalent to the big AUSA annual meeting in the United States – takes the pulse of the land warfare market both from a technological and geopolitical point of view. Far from being exhaustive given the size of the show and the scope of such an endeavor,… Keep reading →

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SASC NDAA Would Add $500M For Cruise Missile Defense

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

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WASHINGTON: The Senate Armed Services Committee has lost patience with the Army program to develop cruise missile defenses, IFPC, and reallocated $500 million to buy an off-the-shelf alternative by 2020. The system would defend US bases abroad from Russian, Chinese, Iranian, or North Korean strikes. While the bill language and SASC staff are careful not… Keep reading →

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Missile Defense Test ‘Realistic,’ Syring Insists

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

PENTAGON: Yesterday’s $244 million missile defense test didn’t just hit an IBCM-like target for the first time in the history of the system: It hit a cutting-edge IBCM modeled on future North Korean weapons, complete with decoys to confuse defenders. “It actually replicated — without getting into classified details — an operational scenario that we’re… Keep reading →

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