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Uneasy Times In Europe As Continent Mulls Next Fighter

Posted by Douglas Barrie on

If the re-emergence of an assertive and occasionally belligerent Moscow was an unattractive possibility for Europeans of a cautious nature, an American president whose election campaign comments inadvertently or otherwise questioned his commitment to Article 5, the very heart of NATO, seemed unimaginable. Today, Europe is faced with both a Russia that is a strategic rival… Keep reading →

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Tiltrotor Touters Hope First Sea Lord Is Easy Prey

Posted by Richard Whittle on

The decline in V-22 Osprey orders from the U.S. military in coming years means the tiltrotor transport’s manufacturers are likely to spend a lot of time wooing foreign military officers at the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition May 16-18 at National Harbor, Md. – especially Britain’s new First Sea Lord, Adm. Sir Philip Jones. Representatives from Bell Helicopter… Keep reading →

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Will Europe Ever Build Its Own Fifth Generation Fighter?

Posted by Douglas Barrie on

This year’s Paris Air Show promises to be one of the most lackluster for the defense sector in at least a decade. America is sending virtually no military aircraft to fly the all-important afternoon displays: no F-22s, no F-35s, no C-17s, no C-130s. American companies have scaled back their executives’ participation, not because it saves any… Keep reading →

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The Military Imbalance: How The U.S. Outspends The World

Posted by Winslow Wheeler on

A telling graphic from the International Institute for Strategic Studies’s newly released report on global military spending (click here for the original). The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has released its annual series of reports on international defense spending, The Military Balance 2012. The full text is subscriber-only, but a summary press release, detailed… Keep reading →

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