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Focus The Pentagon On Warfighting, Not Kids’ Schools And Such

Posted by Mark Cancian on

It’s time to focus the Pentagon on warfighting and get it out of the myriad auxiliary activities that distract it from its main purpose. Secretary Mattis made his position clear in his confirmation hearing: “[W]e have to stay focused on a military that is so lethal that on the battle field it will be the… Keep reading →

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Air Force Maj. Gen. Kane Proposes Shake-up Of How Service Budgets, Buys And Plans

Posted by Colin Clark on

Senior Air Force leaders are likely to test a new decision model proposed in a very interesting paper co-authored by an Air Force major general and a lieutenant colonel. The real power of the paper lies in the technical model it presents to help the Air Force (and presumably other services) better balance risk, capabilities,… Keep reading →

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