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Info Ops Officer Offers Artificial Intelligence Roadmap

Posted by Chris Telley on

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomy are central to the future of American war. In particular, the Pentagon wants to develop software that can absorb more information from more sources than a human can, analyze it and either advise the human how to respond or — in high-speed situations like cyber warfare and missile defense — act on… Keep reading →

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A Glimpse Of Warfare’s Future, Today

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: Building seamless ties between US and allied forces is a dream long held and oft delayed. Allowing a friendly foreign commander to call in pinpoint US airstrikes simply, reliably and quickly with a phone is exactly the kind of military miracle science fiction and military visionaries have dreamt of since at least the late… Keep reading →

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Transforming ‘Distributed Lethality’ Strategy into Action

Posted by Katie Jacobson on

The concept of “distributed lethality”—what Navy leadership has described as “holding more adversaries at risk across a wider geography”—was a recurring theme at the recent Surface Navy Association Symposium on surface warfare strategy. But the Navy needs to make clearer what it means and how will it be implemented. At the symposium, Vice Adm. Thomas Rowden said distributed… Keep reading →

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‘Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach,’ NRO Boasts As FIA Radar (?), 12 Nanosats Roar To Orbit

Posted by Colin Clark on

  The makers and operators of America’s spy satellites have lofted at least 13 assets on their way to orbit with the early morning launch today of NROL-39, atop the always impressive Atlas V rocket. The main payload may be a highly advanced space radar, according to several educated guesses (which is about the… Keep reading →

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