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Forbes Falls Off SecNav Wagon; Hedge Fund Guy From Hong Kong Next

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: After almost two decades in Hong Kong riding the Chinese economic buffalo, a man little known in Washington is apparently the frontrunner for Navy Secretary in the Trump administration. One source with deep knowledge of the Navy and GOP politics called the pick of Philip Bilden “f**ing ludicrous.” Another, with similar credentials, called it “crazy.”… Keep reading →

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Transforming ‘Distributed Lethality’ Strategy into Action

Posted by Katie Jacobson on

The concept of “distributed lethality”—what Navy leadership has described as “holding more adversaries at risk across a wider geography”—was a recurring theme at the recent Surface Navy Association Symposium on surface warfare strategy. But the Navy needs to make clearer what it means and how will it be implemented. At the symposium, Vice Adm. Thomas Rowden said distributed… Keep reading →

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‘Absolute Nightmare’ As Chinese Destroy South China Reefs; Fish Stocks At Risk

Posted by Colin Clark on

UPDATED: Obama Calls On China To Halt Reclamation On Reefs WASHINGTON:  China is destroying swaths of coral reefs in one of the most important fisheries in Asia and causing enormous environmental damage as it builds the fake islands it is putting up in the South China Sea, To get some idea as to just how extensive China’s… Keep reading →

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Shutdown Hits Military Thinkers, Planners

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Ca., has cancelled all classes during the shutdown.

So how hard is the federal shutdown hitting the US military? “Walking around the building, I would say we’re probably at about a third of our staff right now,” said one military officer. (About half the Defense Department’s civil servants have been furloughed, but military personnel are still on duty). Of 26 people in her… Keep reading →

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Teach Tough, Think Tough: Three Ways to Fix War Colleges

Posted by Joan Johnson-Freese on

Critics continue to advocate slamming the doors on at least some of the country’s professional military education institutions, the war colleges. But no one can realistically advocate for a less educated modern military. Instead, what we need is a more effectively educated military. The civil-military gap between faculty members, including the lack of diversity among… Keep reading →

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