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So Many Defense Budgets; So Little Clear Direction

Posted by Mackenzie Eaglen on

The US Capitol seen from the Newseum this morning during a US Naval Institute conference.

After two weeks of covering the 2015 defense budget, I can assure you it is confusing. Every budget includes fudges, silliness and an enormous amount of information. They are hard to make sense of and often their import doesn’t become clear for a year or two. But this budget may be the most complex one… Keep reading →

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DoD’s $26B Budget Hail Mary ‘Not Going To Happen:’ Rep. McKeon

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

CAPITOL HILL: Despair, distrust, and sequestration dominated yesterday’s House Armed Services Committee hearing on the Pentagon’s 2015 budget request. Almost everyone on HASC hates the automatic budget cuts, and the president has proposed a way to bypass them, but comments from committee leaders and backbenchers alike showed how political gridlock makes any solution look far… Keep reading →

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