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‘Thousands’ More Troops To US Border, But Colombia Deployment Unclear: Shanahan

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

DoD photo

Shanahan spent much of his first formal (albeit off-camera) Pentagon pressroom briefing as SecDef emphasizing continuity with his ousted predecessor, Gen. Jim Mattis. He made a point of praising Mattis’s National Defense Strategy, America’s allies, and even the press – not exactly favorites of President Donald Trump.

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Je Suis Charlie: The Price Of Freedom

Posted by Colin Clark on

This opinion piece — something Sydney and I rarely engage in — is offered to remind ourselves and our readers that, as yesterday’s Paris murders demonstrate, the cost of liberty can be high. Some think the currency of life and struggle — jihad, if you will — is worth paying. The Editor. If you want to be… Keep reading →

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