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Israel Bombs Quds Force In Syria; Thwarts Iran Armed Drone Attack

Posted by Arie Egozi on

Israel initially jammed all communications between the drone operators and their weapons and then bombed the facility on the night of Aug. 24, Israeli sources say.

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A Triangular Strategy For The Mid East

Posted by Ram Yavne on

The United States can reduce its Middle Eastern footprint and secure its vital regional interests.

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US Must Bolster Its Presence In MidEast As ISIS Falls

Posted by Michael Makovsky on

As ISIS goes down to military defeat, the United States requires a longer-range plan and an enduring force presence to deny Iran total victory in Syria. Otherwise, the United States risks losing influence as a new Middle Eastern order is being forged. The last ISIS-occupied towns in Syria and Iraq fell recently, but not to… Keep reading →

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