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Army Moves Out On Lasers, Hypersonics: Lt. Gen. Thurgood

Posted by Colin Clark on

“You want to kill a swarm of things — whatever that thing is — lasers are not really a swarm-killing tool. They can kill things fast, but they can’t kill a swarm of things fast enough.”

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SecNav Taps Industry For Safety Tips After Ship Collisions

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Navy photo

ARLINGTON: The new Navy Secretary announced a civilian-led investigation of recent lethal accidents that will look outside the Navy for lessons, separate from the internal military investigation already underway. Richard Spencer announced his Strategic Readiness Review late Friday, but only at this morning’s speech did he divulge the key detail. His review will bring in private… Keep reading →

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How To Fix Our Broken Nuclear Weapons Enterprise; DoD Must Take Over

Posted by Bob Butterworth on

Why is America’s nuclear weapons enterprise — the vast array of national laboratories and other facilities that make, build and maintain our nuclear warheads — so problem-ridden? Is it because the big weapons laboratories (Los Alamos, Livermore, and Sandia) have too much autonomy, or because they have too little? Is it because the Department of… Keep reading →

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