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Sen. Dick Durbin

Note To Putin: Trump Unleashes $400M For Ukrainian Military

Posted by Paul McLeary on

After weeks of uncertainty over the Trump administration’s policy toward Ukraine, senators and State Department officials say the spigot of aid has been turned back on.

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Will Trump’s Wall Mean a Delay in Defense Funding?

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Senate Republicans and Democrats remain far apart on using DoD money for the border wall — so far that the government might not gets its 2020 budget on time,

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SAC To Budgeteers: Stop Sequestration, Avoid Another Shutdown

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

CAPITOL HILL: “That’s a real softball question, so I’ll try to knock it out of the park,” the witness told the senator. There’s a scripted quality to many legislative hearings, but it’s rare to hear the actors break character and admit they’re in a play. The exchange above actually happened, between Rockford, Ill. mayor Larry… Keep reading →

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