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SH-60 Seahawk

Bell Pushes V-280 Gunship, Shipboard Variants: Recon In Works

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. photo

One variant, in Army colors, has missile racks sticking out of what was originally the passenger cabin — a conversion that units could potentially install or remove as needed in the field. The other, with Marine Corps markings, is a sleeker thoroughbred gunship with internal weapons bays, stealth features, and folding wings to fit in shipboard hangars.

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The Navy’s Potential New Frigate Connects Crew, Lots of Space for Commandos

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Five shipbuilders are fighting it out to build 20 of the U.S. Navy’s new frigates, and one competitor is sailing though a whirlwind East Coast tour.

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Raytheon Touts Cross Domain Solutions For Navy [Sponsored]

Posted by Otto Kreisher [Sponsored by Raytheon] on

As the surface Navy intensively strives to achieve the cross domain capabilities so essential to warfighting success against a near-peer competitor, Raytheon is using its wide spectrum of defense technologies to support those efforts. Modern warfare increasingly requires operations across all of the five domains of land air, surface, subsurface, space and cyberspace. A key… Keep reading →

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Lockheed Bids $9B For Sikorsky; May Spin Off IT, Tech Services

Posted by Richard Whittle on

WASHINGTON: Lockheed Martin’s planned purchase of Sikorsky Aircraft, the biggest U.S. helicopter manufacturer, is a natural fit that will mean a lot more to buyer Lockheed and seller United Technologies Corp. than it will for the military rotorcraft industry, present or future. Here’s why. First, the two companies have worked together on military helicopter programs for decades.… Keep reading →

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Eurocopter’s X3 Is Cool Enough For James Bond; But Helicopters Aren’t On DoD’s Shopping list

Posted by Richard Whittle on

MANASSAS, Va: Buzzing a runway in 200-knot low-level passes and steep, nose-up climbs, Eurocopter’s silver X3 hybrid helicopter looked like something out of a James Bond movie as it performed for the media in late July. The X3 (pronounced “X-cubed”) stopped off at Manassas Regional Airport as part of a U.S. tour that ended last… Keep reading →

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