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Flynn Appears To Hint At Cutting NSC Staff; Rice Says Size Matters Less

Posted by Colin Clark on

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WASHINGTON: Incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn issued a ringing endorsement today of American exceptionalism and declared, “we have always been the indispensable nation and we always will be.” Flynn also appeared to hint at plans, supported by most GOP defense lawmakers, to reduce the size of the National Security Council staff. Without providing any details, Flynn… Keep reading →

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The Axis of Chaos: U.S., Saudi Arabia, & Iran

Posted by James Kitfield on

  When Air Force One touches down at King Khalid International Airport on Wednesday, President Obama will enter a Middle East figuratively as well as literally on fire. In the current revolutionary period, the region is beset by multiple cross-cutting wars, the ongoing disintegration of at least four states (Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen), and the ascendance… Keep reading →

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The F-35 Flies Amid Europe’s Mature Aeronautics Market

Posted by Douglas Barrie on

The F-35 Lightning II European debut in July will be welcome, but it remains the Punch and Judy program of the defense aerospace sector, with boosters and detractors taking turns to bash each other’s argument as to the project’s value — or lack thereof. The debate, though sometime not worthy of the word, has risked… Keep reading →

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Sen. Ayotte Pledges Hold On Amb. Rice Nomination For State

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

[After meeting this morning with Amb. Susan Rice, Senator Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, spoke to reporters today at a 12noon roundtable at the Foreign Policy Institute’s annual conference, where she promised there “absolutely” would be a hold if Amb. Rice is nominated for Secretary of State — and potentially, a hold on any administration nominee for… Keep reading →

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