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Ursula von der Leyen

‘Hurricane Bo-Jo’: EU Readies To Cope With Brexit

Posted by Murielle Delaporte on

The one thing Boris Johnson and his DUDE — Deliver, Unite, Defeat, Energize — partisans have in common with their opponents is that they all want to see a quick end to a process that has paralyzed the debate about Europe’s future and created a climate of instability which only NATO’s foes can find suitable.

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France To US: You’re Really Important To Our New Fighter

Posted by Colin Clark on

France’s commitment to a cutting-edge sixth-generation fighter — working in tandem with drones and long-range sensors — is a sign of its commitment to deterring Putin’s Russia.

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Trump Rips Germany; NATO Allies Push Quality Over Quantity

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Canada, Germany say they’re doing plenty to provide security and strengthen the alliance without spending two percent of their GDP on defense, pushing back against Trump’s criticisms.

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