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Witty Video Pokes Fun At Petraeus, Allen Muddle

Posted by Colin Clark on

Our clever Chinese friends at Next Media Animation have done it again with a video offering their unique perspective on the scandal that has enveloped two of our top military leaders — and several women.

We haven’t pursued these stories with much gusto, keeping our focus on strategy, policy and politics and leaving the prurient and sad events to our colleagues who are more driven by each day’s fleeting events.

David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen are mocked here. But I like to think that the rest of America is too. After all, how many great powers would see several of their top national security leaders brought low by an affair that then led to a search for “inappropriate” emails? OK — Britain might be a candidate, but then it would probably involve a politician who wore a nurse’s uniform while visiting his mistress or a general bedding someone who turned out to be a spy. Somehow, those seem both more fun and more honorable than our current situation. It all almost makes one yearn for the good clean fun of the Profumo Affair.

What do you think?