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340 UNIMOG trucks are planned to be acquired for Lithuanian Armed Forces

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Lithuanian Armed Forces launched a procurement project for new tactical 5-tonne trucks in 2015 to upgrade its truck fleet and confine to the same type of vehicle. 340 UNIMOG trucks are planned to be acquired by 2021 from Daimler AG through meditation of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

The estimated cost of the project is approx. EUR 60 million. The NSPA drew on its previous experience of buying this specific type of trucks and completed the procurement procedure relatively faster and saving EUR 18 million.

“The NSPA consolidates requirements from NATO customers and procurement in larger quantities enables obtaining lower prices per unit,” Head of the Procurement Department of the Ministry of National Defence Regina Zasienė said.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces and the NSPA signed the procurement contract for the trucks in the end of last year. According to the contract, Daimler AG, the manufacturer, is planned to deliver 21 trucks to the Lithuanian Armed Forces until September. The remaining 319 trucks will be delivered between 2016 and 2021.

The new trucks are intended for the Lithuanian Land Force and will supplement the motor fleet of the technical base our soldiers are well familiar with.

The requirement of vehicles and trucks in the Lithuanian Armed Forces has significantly increased with the establishment of another infantry brigade in the Lithuanian Land Force and as a result of the process of manning military units. The amount of trucks in possession is not sufficient, moreover, a part of it is worn-out beyond repair. The new acquisition will both, supplement the motor fleet and strengthen the capabilities of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

The demand for trucks, one of the most often used type of vehicles in the armed forces, is large. This particular type serves multiple purposes, such as soldiers’ assignments, logistical provision or personnel transportation.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces will also supplement its vehicle fleet by procuring from the Netherlands Armed Forces several hundreds of used military vehicles on a bilateral basis. Late last year twenty vehicles from the Netherlands were transported to Lithuania, while the rest of the equipment (ATVs, tug-trucks) will be delivered within several years.

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