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Another Raptor project-03160 patrol boat has been launched for the Russian Navy

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The St. Petersburg shipyard ‘Pella’ has conducted the ceremony of launching another newest patrol boat of the project 03160. The boats of this series are built according the Navy’s order for carrying out patrol service in sea areas. They are distinguished by their high manoeuvrability and effective armament.

Project 03160 boats are designed for performing following tasks:

– operational delivery of marines (at least 20 people) to the designated place;

– carrying out patrol service in the designated areas of sea zones;

– interception of small targets;

– participation in search-and-rescue operations in the areas of service.

The navigation areas of project 03160 boats are coastal zone of seas, straits, river estuaries at distances up to 100 miles from the the stationing site.

The length of the boat is 16.9 metres, the width – 4.1 metres, the draft is 0.9 metres, the crew is 3 men. The boat’s speed is up to 50 knots.

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