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Aselsan to showcase new light torpedo at IDEF’17

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Turkish defense contractor Aselsan announced that it will be demonstrating its new light torpedo at IDEF’17 13th International Defence Industry Fair.

The light torpedo developed by Turkish defense contractor Aselsan will be shown for the first time at the fair on May 9-12, a company official, who asked not to be named due to safety concerns, told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday.

He added that the weapon can be used for defense against submarines.

This light torpedo can be launched from torpedo tubes, helicopters, and maritime patrol aircraft and it is similar to Aselsan’s TORK product, which allows ships safer passage.

TORK can destroy guided or unguided torpedoes launched against surface ships. TORK measures the distance and path of the approaching torpedo and sets it off when it comes into range.

Founded in 1975 in the capital Ankara, Aselsan is seen as Turkey’s premier defense systems producer.

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