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“AutoKrAZ” to Convert KrAZ-Cougar Armored Vehicles for Use by OSCE Observers

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

“AutoKrAZ” is involved in demilitarization and conversion of the batch of KrAZ-Cougar armored vehicles under the agreement signed in early February. It will be recalled that KrAZ-Cougar armored vehicles were transferred to OSCE SMMU in November last year.

Efforts have already been taken to remove armored turrets from all the ten armored vehicles delivered to the company’s facilities and cover top portion with armor plate, make some slight structural modifications required by the client, fit spacious chests for storage of SPTA sets and medical equipment and paint all the vehicles.

The first batch, 5 of 10 demilitarized KrAZ-Cougar armored vehicles, have already been delivered to observers into disturbed areas to help fulfill OSCE tasks aimed at peaceful settlement of conflict in Ukraine.

The rest of armored vehicles will be converted to ambulance vehicles by the company’s workers. Particularly, they will remove passenger compartment equipment, fit brackets to secure fire extinguishers, stretchers, 10 and 5 l oxygen cylinders and other medical equipment required to give first aid treatment to wounded men and evacuate them out of combat areas.

According to the agreement entered into the second batch of armored vehicles converted to ambulance vehicles will be delivered to the customer in late February.

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