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BAE Systems unveils CV90 CZ family of vehicles at IDET ‘2017

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

BAE Systems has shown for the first time its CV90 CZ family infantry fighting vehicles at IDET ‘2017 – International Fair of Defense and Security Technology and of Special Information Systems.

BAE Systems unveiled two infantry fighting vehicles at IDET ‘2017: CV-90 CZ with manned turrets and CV-90 CZr with remote turrets. With a full range of armament options, the CV90 can be developed or configured to match any situation, from patrol to combat.

The CV90 platform is engineered to provide optimum mobility and agility. For ease of deployment it features a range of land and air transportation options. On the ground it delivers first-class performance even in the toughest terrains, providing your personnel with the tactical edge.

According to the British company, BAE Systems and VOP CZ have teamed up to pursue the Czech Republic’s BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle replacement programme.

The CV90 family of vehicles give unrivalled performance in the 20-35 tonne class and have been deployed by national forces, the UN and NATO in missions across the globe including in Afghanistan.

CV-90 CZ with manned turrets
CV-90 CZr with remote turrets

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