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BDLtech unveils new WAR-V2 unmanned ground vehicle at Inovasi Indonesia Expo

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Indonesian BDLtechnology company unveiled its second generation WAR-V2 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at the Inovator Inovasi Indonesia Expo (i3e) 2017 in the Exhibition Hall Grand City Surabaya.

BDLtech is a pioneer company engaged in the field of engineering (electrical, electronics, instrumentation, mechanics, and automation). BDLtech will cover the field of technology research effort targeting the scope of Education and Defense (Defense and Security).

The WAR-V2 is a tracked multirole platform has been designed to logistics, search-and-rescue, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. The WAR-V2 UGV is modular and can accommodate various mission payloads.

In its combat configuration, the WAR-V2 can be fitted with a variety of weapons, including the machine gun, automatic grenade launcher or anti-tank guided missiles, among others.

WAR-V2 unmanned ground vehicle at Inovasi Indonesia Expo (c) bdltech

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