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Belgian armed forces have awarded a contract for the delivery of 108 FOX Rapid Reaction Vehicles

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Belgian armed forces have awarded a contract to Jankel Armouring Ltd for the delivery of 108 FOX Rapid Reaction Vehicles (RRV), the company announced on 19 January.

The RRV has a range of 1,200km, automatic transmission and 7.62 weapon mount capability. The company will provide 38 removable protection kits that will include zoned ballistic protection and blast protection, and kit storage.

Additionally, Jankel will provide communication kits that include an installation for government VHF and HF comms, a satellite phone installation kit, a GPS receiver installation kit, and associated antennas. It will also provide 60 ring mounts to mount 12.7mm and automatic grenade launcher, as well as 76mm smoke grenade launchers that can fire DM15 and DM35 smoke grenades.

The FOX RRV is a tactical vehicle that can be operated in extreme environmental conditions. It offers long range, high payload and air-transportability. It can be re-configured, adding provision for additional crew members, NATO pallet storage and casualty evacuation.

Mike Mullen, managing director, Jankel, said: ‘Chosen from an original field of respondents to the RFI, we are extremely pleased to have proven the FOX’s competitive advantages against products from other major international defence contractors. The programme also complements a number of other significant recent contracts won by Jankel in mainland Europe; continuing the company’s goals to set-up strong and proven European partners, supplier networks and relationships.’

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