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Brazilian company unveils design of new rocket launcher based on Russian-made Tigr armored vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Brazilian Mac Jee company is developing an Armadillo TA-2 light rocket launcher system based on a Russian-made Tigr armored combat all-terrain vehicle.

According to Simon Jeannot, director of Mac Jee, the Armadillo TA-2 fully can be integrated to most common existing 4×4 military vehicles.

The Armadillo TA-2 is an automatic or operated positioning and rocket launching system designed to fully retract inside its vehicle during the non-offensive phase. The featured TA-2 version supports 3 firing modules each one with sixteen 70mm dual-base propellant rockets.

Other versions are under development:

  • Rockets with other calibers (105mm, 122mm, etc.)
  • 70mm guided rocket

Multiple applications in army operations:

  • Patrolling reinforcement
  • Support to larger caliber rocket launchers;
  • Complement to artillery battery;
  • Advanced artillery outpost;
  • Border monitoring;
  • Special operations

A fully automatic vehicular platform, adaptable to any type of armament or equipment that needs to be hidden and protected during the non-offensive phase. At an opportune moment the platform can be activated, without human exposure, and have the weaponry or equipment. After use, the platform can be retracted, concealing and protecting the armament or equipment.

Armadillo TA-2 at LAAD 2017
Armadillo TA-2 at LAAD 2017

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