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Chengdu J-10B Fighter Jet That Entered Chinese Service

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Chengdu J-10B fighter jet that entered Chinese service. The J-10B is an improved variant of the Chengdu J-10 manufactured by the state-owned Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation, also known as the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation, a subsidiary of AVIC.

Chinese media also reported, without further elaboration, that some of the J-10Bs are equipped with China’s own WS-10 Taihang engine. Early J-10Bs were believed to be fitted with the Russian AL-31FN M1 engine – a more powerful version of the AL-31F that powers the J-10A.

The J-10B’s key differences from the J-10A include a redesigned chin intake, with the lower edge now angled forward and movable ramp replaced by a smaller, fixed, diffuser bulge that also contributes to reduced weight and radar cross-section; a longer nose radome that is believed to house an NRIET active electronically scanned array radar; and an electro-optic targeting sensor (infrared search and track, and laser rangefinder) mounted just forward of the windscreen, offset to starboard. It also has a new electronic warning or countermeasures pod atop the vertical stabiliser.



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